The WasteNotNut. I love getting every drop of my expensive stuff out the bottle, even my hand soap!


This is a pretty neat product!

Sara - Regional Sales Manager for a Major Beauty Company

This is a great product you have come up with. My wife and daughters are always throwing their bottles of expensive shampoos/conditioners in the recycle bin with contents still in them. I dig them out and prop them upside down overnight and then pour what I can into the new bottles. My wife complains I make a mess in the process. This is definitely a sore spot in our house.

Pat – Head of Household, Materials Manager

“I received your package today…. It looks great!! I love your packaging too.Even more excited about your product now. I’m excited to show it to my wife, I KNOW she’ll love it. I will send you a picture of it in use later today.” (Follow-up) She loves it!! I know she’s used it at least twice... maybe more. I meant to send you a picture… I’ll do it this afternoon. In action!!!

Andrew – Tooling

This is truly an amazing device! I use a very thick, expensive conditioner and when it gets to the bottom, I'll usually turn the bottle upside down, balancing it against the shower wall for a couple days, hoping it doesn't topple. But even then, the product is really hard to get out, even with violent shaking! I would then use my fingers to try to pry it all out. With WASTE NOT NUT, LLC all I had to do was invert my open bottle on the nut and a couple days later, all my product was dispensed into the container. Thinner liquids will start dropping within minutes, but thick products like Wen take longer because they are so thick. Also works great with condiments and is a life saver for people who have arthritis and can't squeeze bottles.

Aimee Rios, Riverside, CA
  • It works great! I have actually used it a lot. I don’t let anyone else . Do you have more?

    Nesa – Stylist and Salon Chain Owner
  • All the places I’ve shown it to said they think it’s a great idea… they are definitely interested. They want mine… I’m like, no way!

    Stephanie – Regional Sales Manager for a French Hair Care Company